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Postby SharpeShooter » Tue Sep 21, 2010 9:35 am

Like many who've been MB'ing a while Jetbull was on my Blacklist. Do not touch, poor payers etc. Apparently this has all changed, so I jumped in.

Jetbull is now powered by oddsmatrix who guarantee funds. So long as the funds are kept in the sportsbook oddsmatrix will pay out a players funds in the event a bookmaker collapses. How this works practically I have no idea but I read elsewhere that people were getting paid out within 48 hours and its £125 bonus.

Another post wager, wr is x10 with max bonus of £125 so £1,250. Terms state bets on outright winners and under Evs (2.0) do not count towards wr. An outright winner is to win Premier league or top scorer etc, NOT to win a game i.e. 1X2. Curiously outright winners does include horse racing, although some people have said they backed horses and got the bonus ok.

Horses are very arbable. I made 5% on £150 of horse bets at ridiculously low limits. Max return is approx £100 on horses so £50 stake at evens. This gave me a buffer to move on to football betting where the odds aren't so good. Through the week you'll be lucky to find a match which doesn't lose 2% on a dutch but at the weekend arbs can be found on Major leagues, but you need to be quick. Bet limits are good. I could have had £400+ on a Bundesliga game. When typing in your stake it will tell you immediately if you have exceeded the max stake and what the max bet is.

I have one bet left to settle here and then I'm finished, so I'll report back on payouts etc.
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