Canbet & how to do it

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Canbet & how to do it

Postby SharpeShooter » Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:42 am

Much has been said about Canbets offer and how difficult the terms are. Here's how to do it.

Offer is Bet £25 for £25 SR credited next day. Terms are bonus needs to be turned over 6 times before withdrawal, however all bets placed are placed with your own money first. Also betting your whole balance may be deemed bonus abuse.

As far as I can see there are no minimum odds.

Step 1 Place your qualifying bet. There are plenty of Arbs at Canbet especially if you know how to dutch.

Wait 24 hours until you bonus is credited.

Step 2 Place your whole balance as your 2nd bet, you will get away with this ok. At this point you may bust out and all's good. If you win however you need to complete the wr.

Step 3 place a bet for all your real balance, leaving just your bonus balance in the account, on an event 3 or 4 days in the future.

Step 4 Turn your bonus over as many times as possible whilst waiting for your bet to settle. Use low odds as, if you bust out, when your other bet settles £25 will go back to bonus if it wins. If you bust out the bonus and the other bet loses, you're done.

Step 5 If you bust out the bonus and the other bet wins repeat step 4 until bonus is cleared.

NB the bonus is cleared in stages so after a few bets your bonus balance will start to decrease. This can be a long and drawn out process so consider underlaying your 2nd bet (first with bonus) at odds over 3 to give you extra profit for clearing the wr or a smaller profit if you bust out.

*Edit 21/09/10*

I've just done Canbet again and hit a major winning streak. At one point I had £1,500+ in there. There are simply tons of arbs every day at Canbet, mainly Dutching AH. And all bets placed with bonus count towards wr, regardless of odds. Canbet were taking bets Up to £900 with no referral to trader, no hassle. Each time I got the balance to Zero the bonus amount came down until I eventually cleared it. Due to the wager size and the size of the arbs I was finding I have probably made £60 form this free bet. I skewed all the bets to break even if I bust out or all the profit at Canbet. Be aware that on some markets you can only bet in whole pounds so try to use up the odd pence before placing that bonus bet.

Not as difficult as maybe we once thought but not for the faint hearted or newbies as I was betting huge chunks of money at a time.
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