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Postby SharpeShooter » Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:09 am

Before commencing with the offer I contacted CS first to confirm the offer terms in GBP. My question was answered within an hour

The offer is deposit $60 for a $30 bonus. The amount in GBP depends upon the exchange rate so it's NOT £60 for £30. I deposited £40 and received £18.03 bonus instantly. The WR is 8 x Deposit & Bonus (approx £460) and the odds aren't great so bust out is best if you can.

I found a closeish match on Baseball last night 2.0 / 2.06 and underlayed it for £10 profit and out if I bust or £20 profit and continue If I won. Luckily I lost and made my tenner so I can't comment on withdrawals.

All in all not a bad book, although it's obvious English isn't their first language. Their is profit to be had from the bonus but not a lot and certainly not for the noobs. Probably leave this to one of the last that you do


How to get the First Deposit Bonus
Register yourself at betboo.

Make your deposit at the Sports area at betboo.

The 50% bonus will immediately be added at your betboo account at the Sports area.

- This offer is valid only to the users who make their first deposit at betboo until the 31st of December 2009. The bonus will be given only once to each registered user.

- The users will get a 50% bonus on the amount of the deposit up to the limit of USD 30,00*.

- The First Deposit Bonus is given automatically and it can be used in any kind of bet, the simple one or others.

- Before requesting to withdraw the total amount of the deposit- including the bonus amount - it must be used in bets at least eight times in shares of 1,70 or even bigger. If this rule is not followed, bebtoo will discount the amount of your bonus when you withdraw it.

- If you have some bonus that you can not use and you transfer your balance from one area to another you will loose your bonus. If you want to transfer your balance and you do not want to loose your bonus, you must follow the rules.

- betboo keeps the right of terminating or changing this promotion at any time.

- betboo keeps the right of analyzing the user’s transactions.

- If we verify that the user has taken part in any kind of strategies to make some profit on this promotion, for any reason, betboo can annul the payment.

* The amount is converted automatically from the dollar rate to the currency you have chosen when you registered yourself.

Customers with multiple registrations, financial problems, unpaid printable receipts, incomplete registration and not valid CPF (Brazilian Taxpayer Registration Number) or classified by betboo as not valid will not be eligible to run for any kind of bonus. This rule is valid to the automatic bonus system. The balance will be withdrawn manually from the customer's account.

The bonuses specially offered or the partnership bonuses are up to R$ 200,00, this amount changes only under special rules. In order to withdraw the amount of the bonuses the customer must complete a rollover at least six times. So, the amount of the deposit must be placed at least six times plus the amount of the bonus
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Re: Betboo

Postby jethro » Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:38 am

Lol, i did this last week and cocked up, i worked out the exchange and deposited £19 and only got £9.50, i was just about to get in touch with them when i realised i meant to put £38 in, because its 50% bonus. :evil:
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