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Postby Admin » Mon Jan 23, 2012 9:49 am

Some people have come here in the past and wondered how much money is required to start the ball rolling on their Free Easy Money career. Whilst we recommend going for the £10 offers first and building up to the bigger £50+ free bets, the reality is you're going to need funds in the region of £70 - £100 to cover your initial lay bets at betfair. Sadly this may be preventing some of you from claiming all that free cash which is rightfully yours.

If you're struggling to get enough money together to start yourself off, then WONGA might be your answer. They offer loans from between one day and one month and for amounts between £1 - £400 for new customers.
BEWARE: the interest rates are HIGH when compared as an APR% figure (the conventional way that banks and credit card companies advertise) but you'll be able to adjust the amount and the length of time you want the loan for and your money can be with you in under 15 minutes. A couple of weeks should see you easily raise more than enough money to repay the loan and then continue claiming your free easy money by yourself.

If you can get an overdraft facility at your bank to start you off this will be cheaper still, so only use a firm like Wonga as a last resort.

Better still borrow £100 from a friend and then repay them by telling them how you're now making loads loads of money at Free Easy Money :D
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